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According to all the Arrows Pointing at It

Cicadas are in the news again. Soon, millions upon millions of them are scheduled to emerge from their underground bunkers after seventeen years of pupation.

In an act of sublime irony, Nature has timed this emergence perfectly: Ronald Reagan, the sperm donor of today’s Republican party, died seventeen years ago and now his spawn are emerging from their larval lairs, noisy and creepy to look at, some holding public office. They are here to tell the rest of us that our dreams of an America where everyone has equal rights to water, voting, and general decency shall not come to…

Totally agree. I was raised in a military family and I dislike forcing children to take "pledges" they don't understand. And adding that "under God" part forces a child to speak religion. Nope. Totally against forcing children to mouth mindlessly.

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Into the abyss of white lies

As pie holes go, Rick Santorum’s is one that has, time and again, let escape some truly disturbing ruminations on America, Americans, and American culture. He is not just a conservative. He is a white American Christian first conservative. Forget the fiscal policies of traditional Republicans. He is all about maintaining the power and privilege of white men at the expense of everyone else. Because, you know. God, man, white.

We can be thankful that Santorum is no longer a politician. He is now a so-called commentator on CNN, and he made worldwide news last week with a real plane-crash…

Do we think of the motion (inward or outward) as linear, curvilinear, spiral, or cicular? Does motion require a gravitational field? I am not a scientist but I have read books for lay people on string theory and related topics. Fascinating. The math is beyond me but I appreciate it.

So true. So true. My grandmother told us that lie, too, among other such lies.

I called out a friend who loves to say "we're part native american" anytime she gets the chance to force it into a conversation - which is often enough that we all eye-roll now. Yet she avoids opportunities to go to powwows because they are "commercialized" and cannot see the irony she has laid before us.

You are correct that white women are socialized to tear each other down to get to the thing they want. As friends, they can be shockingly passive-aggresive and disloyal, especially if a man or a compliment is involved. It is difficlt to build trust. And it is sad. Very sad. And the white men at the top benefit. We are trained to do their.

Christine Panas

NYer hustling to make rent

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