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And the Zeitgeist of Bladder Voiding

Humans have long struggled with their own waste. The biological kind. Numbers one and two. Pee pee poo poo. Tinkles, caca. When we were nomadic hunter gatherers, we left our pee and poo behind and we moved on, like other animals do. Just keep on walking. But as soon as we settled down and built our first hovels, we had to deal with the inevitabilities and consequences of our pee and poo piling up. There is a whole branch of archaeology dedicated to the study of ancient poo: scatology. I know a couple of scatologists. Fascinating people. …

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We Want Something Else

The pandemic has been blamed for many things, good and bad and just plain crazy. But for many of us, the pandemic has revealed the harsh reality of the American workplace: Most of us are miserable at work. (Sidebar: most articles, even academic articles, are aimed at improving employee “productivity” and little more.) The reasons for the misery vary depending on the individual. And of course, we are all about our individualism.

The juxtaposition of the individual and the collective workplace creates a dissonance that rings in the American ears, a sort of social tinnitus that seems to drive us…

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What Maytag Means to Me

For decades now, American companies have been sending manufacturing overseas in order to take advantage of the low wages paid in third world countries, whether in direct manufacturing or the processing of raw materials for that manufacturing. The reasons for this are myriad and complex, and to the casual viewer of statistics, overwhelming to wade through.

Few things, outside of food-related manufacturing, are still manufactured in the US. American brands are often not made in America. There are a few exceptions, and one stands out: Maytag.

For at least three generations now, Maytag has been a brand that Americans have…

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And for you to forget their seditious acts on January 6th, 2021

Where once the GOP could open its conservative hand to Corporate America and get whatever cash it needed in order to defeat the party of inclusion, they now come up against closed fists. Corporate America has made clear that “they” (after all, the SCOTUS ruled that Corporations are people, too) do not want to be seen as supporting the party of white supremacists, demagogues, religious fundamentalists, and (cherry on top) sedition. Sure, back office deals will happen. But that hand is now dirty. Very, very dirty.

In the wake of its need to redfine and divorce itself from the original…

In this country, the current reactionary rhetoric aimed at transgender people comes from the same playbook used to create fear and suspicion about anyone who presents as "other". The biological truth of the matter is that there are many people out there who are biologically neither male nor female but somewhere inbetween. In a monotheistic patriarchy the concept of "inbetween" is seen as a threat to the order of things. In many cultures arounfd the world, the notion of a "third gender" has always exisited and there are places for that third gender within those societies. But here, of course, we have to go and legislate about it, sometimes to the point of making the person "illegal" in some way.

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According to all the Arrows Pointing at It

Cicadas are in the news again. Soon, millions upon millions of them are scheduled to emerge from their underground bunkers after seventeen years of pupation.

In an act of sublime irony, Nature has timed this emergence perfectly: Ronald Reagan, the sperm donor of today’s Republican party, died seventeen years ago and now his spawn are emerging from their larval lairs, noisy and creepy to look at, some holding public office. They are here to tell the rest of us that our dreams of an America where everyone has equal rights to water, voting, and general decency shall not come to…

Totally agree. I was raised in a military family and I dislike forcing children to take "pledges" they don't understand. And adding that "under God" part forces a child to speak religion. Nope. Totally against forcing children to mouth mindlessly.

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Into the abyss of white lies

As pie holes go, Rick Santorum’s is one that has, time and again, let escape some truly disturbing ruminations on America, Americans, and American culture. He is not just a conservative. He is a white American Christian first conservative. Forget the fiscal policies of traditional Republicans. He is all about maintaining the power and privilege of white men at the expense of everyone else. Because, you know. God, man, white.

We can be thankful that Santorum is no longer a politician. He is now a so-called commentator on CNN, and he made worldwide news last week with a real plane-crash…

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NYer hustling to make rent

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