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The Death of a Friend

Last year, just before her birthday, one of my oldest and closest friends killed herself. It was a gruesome end to an incredibly creative yet troubled life, and it left me with a deep gash in my soul. The news did not shock me. She had given us all warnings over the years. …

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And the Zeitgeist of Bladder Voiding

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We Want Something Else

The pandemic has been blamed for many things, good and bad and just plain crazy. But for many of us, the pandemic has revealed the harsh reality of the American workplace: Most of us are miserable at work. (Sidebar: most articles, even academic articles, are aimed at improving employee “productivity” and little more.) The reasons for the misery vary depending on the individual. And of course, we are all about our individualism.

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What Maytag Means to Me

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And for you to forget their seditious acts on January 6th, 2021

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According to all the Arrows Pointing at It

Christine Panas

NYer hustling to make rent

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